Monday, March 12, 2012

Keeping progress...

One week ago Monday, I shot a model at a very beautiful location. I'm in the middle of editing those images possibly to use for the ART, ENERGY, FUTURE exhibit in Turin, Italy. I'm in the middle of editing 2 very different types of shots/images. Here's one...

There She Becomes
Trapped in a sea of broken parts, she wants freedom. Freedom is such a difficult thing. She is torn between becoming a slave to her ideals and her expectations.

There She Goes Again
Trapped in a sea of broken parts, she allows herself to be pinned down. “No, stop. Don’t pin me,” she utters. But secretly she wants to be pinned, to have decisions made for her. Make my decisions, but I will blame you for making them.

When I'm interested in clearing my head and letting creativity flow, I run. Since it's been relatively warm in Chicago this week, I've taken my runs outdoors where I can let my mind wander.

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