Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flying House in Progress

I have been shooting and reworking shots for the Flying House project I am working on with CD Mitchell (show and publication to come in August 2012). Collaboration is going beautifully! CD's story centers around Clovis, a Pentecostal,  hoofed-foot, schizophrenic born of an incestual relationship. He experiences what he believes to be the Rapture...but alas...it is only Clovis hallucinating!

The dark tale gives me much to work with, but I am nowhere close to finished! Images shown below are not the finals...at least not yet. There is much, much more editing, reworking, and setting up to do!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Text under my images are excerpts from CD Mitchell's story, The Cloven Hoof

His mother knew she would name her son Clovis, after her father’s brother, the fire and brimstone full-gospel preacher who later plead guilty to statutory rape and incest for their affair.
The exorcism seemed to work. Clovis no longer heard the voices from inside his head. The demons had been cast out and now walked along with him, beside him, behind him, everywhere he went, taunting and tormenting him.  They even included the bloodied, torn images of Benny Rice and Sammy Jones.


I have scouted out new locations, and more elaborate set-ups. Images below are from an abandon mental hospital in Illinois. Set-ups and new shoots at this location will take place in the next month.

Jennifer Moore, 2012
Jennifer Moore, 2012

Jennifer Moore, 2012


  1. I'm not sure why this is the first time that I have seen this post...anyway I love it! You two sound like a great match.