Saturday, August 4, 2012

I love good news!

I've been working diligently on another project which is an extension of "Creatures" - images will be posted soon!

But I'd love to share some wonderful news...

I have been invited by photographer and professor, Paul Shranz to Dona Ana College in Las Cruces, NM to host a workshop. Dates and workshop description to follow - but I'll give you a hint - the workshop will be held in the spring and will involve instruction on theatrical narrative photographic work.

Also, I am happy to report that my work, Blasphemy Rules the World in White Dresses was blogged about by BAS-relief. (Read the entry, curtsey of below or visit the blog which includes wonderful write ups about local Chicago artists.)

Blasphemy Rules the World in White Dresses Jennifer Moore
Photo courtesy of
I am seeing the trend in photography selections, fear not, it will not last.  This artists however bears mention.  On my first adventure to the Zhou B Art Center I was overwhelmed by the abundane of art on display.  A bit chaotic, the gallery was filled with scultptures, paintings, photographs, and onlookers.

I entered the first exhibit, FACEMASK the 8th Annual National Self-Portrait exhibition, curated by Sergio Gomez.  I wasn't sure what I was walking into, but I was arrested by this digital print by Jennifer Moore, Blasphemy Rules the World in White Dresses.  The print is luminous, with an ethereal glow exuding from the white clad figure.  A soft focus on the edges brings the work into a beautiful dream-like state.  While many may find the piece haunting, the woman behind the skull, there is something very serene about the work in person.

I continued my stroll through the warehouse, walking into numerous spaces, but this work by Moore is one that has followed me into my work week beyond the gallery openings.

Moore is a local, Chicago digital artist, featured in numerous gallery exhibitions throughout Chicagoland.  To see more work by Moore visit her site and her blog.

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