Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Work in Progress @ -2F

When temperatures top -2F in Chicago, it's almost impossible for me to work outside. Sure, I can get a few people to stand barefoot in a strapless gown on a frozen stream - but is it nice to do that to someone?!  Not really. And my fingers get cold when adjusting shutter and f/stops.

So when it's too cold to work outside, I take my work inside.

Indoor shoots are sometimes a challenge for me - a welcome challenge though. I find my indoor locations the same way I find my outdoor locations - I see them and assess them. I am constantly asking myself questions when visiting friends homes or attending events. Is there something I can use here? Would the owner be willing to allow me to use it? Can I get a model to pose here? How does this space work with my themes? Do I need props? Etc...

I love to photograph in natural light as well as with lighting equipment. Sometimes I photograph in the same location at different times of day utilizing both natural light and artificial light.

Below are a few images that I've been working on. I've shot a few sets in this location. I feel the space lends itself nicely to my themes.

The first 3 images were created using artificial lighting in the evening.

I must really take a moment to thank my models - most of which are friends of mine that spend their days off doing things for me that they normally wouldn't do without a few drinks. My friends and models, I tip my hat to you!

Copyright Jennifer Moore, 2013

Copyright Jennifer Moore, 2013

Copyright Jennifer Moore, 2013

Below is an image from the same location but with mixed natural and artificial lighting. Different model too.

Copyright Jennifer Moore, 2012

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