Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flying House in Progress

I have been shooting and reworking shots for the Flying House project I am working on with CD Mitchell (show and publication to come in August 2012). Collaboration is going beautifully! CD's story centers around Clovis, a Pentecostal,  hoofed-foot, schizophrenic born of an incestual relationship. He experiences what he believes to be the Rapture...but alas...it is only Clovis hallucinating!

The dark tale gives me much to work with, but I am nowhere close to finished! Images shown below are not the finals...at least not yet. There is much, much more editing, reworking, and setting up to do!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Text under my images are excerpts from CD Mitchell's story, The Cloven Hoof

His mother knew she would name her son Clovis, after her father’s brother, the fire and brimstone full-gospel preacher who later plead guilty to statutory rape and incest for their affair.
The exorcism seemed to work. Clovis no longer heard the voices from inside his head. The demons had been cast out and now walked along with him, beside him, behind him, everywhere he went, taunting and tormenting him.  They even included the bloodied, torn images of Benny Rice and Sammy Jones.


I have scouted out new locations, and more elaborate set-ups. Images below are from an abandon mental hospital in Illinois. Set-ups and new shoots at this location will take place in the next month.

Jennifer Moore, 2012
Jennifer Moore, 2012

Jennifer Moore, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Solo Show Closes

My solo show, Parts of the Whole at the Photo Four Gallery located inside South Suburban College closed today. The show included a mix of pieces from a few bodies of work from 2005 - present. See images below (excuse the camera phone pics! I forgot to bring my real camera to the closing!)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Flying House!

I am more than thrilled to say that I have been chosen to  participate in Flying House 2012,  an annual collaboration project that kicks off each Spring with the announcement of five artist-writer pairs.Once the pairs are chosen, the collaborative projects begin. When the work is completed, there is a show, a reading and last but not least, an anthology for all of our lovely sponsors, friends, family, and participants to enjoy. The books are on sale online through the Flying House website, at the show, and hopefully soon, at independent bookstores around Chicago. 

I have been paired with CD Mitchell, who has a long list of publications, including "This, too, is Vanity" and "Stud Fee." He also has a laundry-list of life-time experience ranging from defense attorney to professional boxer.

His Flying House Bio is listed below: 

CD Mitchell’s stories are at once realist, and insanely far-fetched. His submission, God’s Naked Will, centers around a southern preacher heading north in search of a solution to his problem (he’s a virgin and needs a woman––unknown to his parish––to remedy his virgin situation), and at the same time it’s a story of entrapment––by God, and by a sly prostitute named Delilah. CD turns the table of expectations in a Flannery O’Connor sort of way, which makes for nice surprises. 

CD has a large list of publications to his name, as well as Pushcart nominations. He holds an MFA with concentrations in fiction and creative nonfiction, and currently teaches at Middle Tennessee State University. As he puts it, “I was a boxer, attorney, carpenter, fry cook, daddy, and an ex-husband four times. But I have never been a best man.”

My Flying House Bio is listed below. Pretty cool.  And, as always, check me out here.

Jennifer Moore is currently a professor of photography at the Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago.
Her themes draw on personal experiences rooted in relationships, family, birth, death, sexuality, gender roles and religion. She explores the commonalities inherent in these themes through photography and digital art, hoping to better understand humanity, motherhood and womanhood. More often than not, she incorporates text directly into her work.

Jennifer earned both a Bachelor of Arts degree (2002) and a Master in Arts degree (2005) from Governors State University. Her award-winning photography has been shown in exhibitions all across Illinois, and very soon in the Regional Museum of Natural Science in Turin, Italy.