Monday, August 15, 2011

Exquisite Corpse once again....

I am still shooting and reworking for Exquisite Corpse. The climax (no pun intended) for the show will be 2 pieces; one installation piece mocking the Marilyn Monroe sculpture (or eye sore as the locals call it) on Michigan Ave. Our interpretation of the sculpture (lewd and comical) is mocked - surreal style. There will be 15 photographs, each representing a portion of Marilyn. Each artist is responsible for 5 photographs designated earlier. Below are two of my images. I wanted the images to be slightly distorted/contorted - perhaps even solarized - Man Ray style! Photographs will be printed on a metallic surface.

The technique was definitely part of the process of the second piece, a triptych representing feminism and beauty....images were printed on rice paper, and using several coats of Shellac, they were adhered to clay boards. The images were purposely mounted incorrectly. The statement is still being flushed out. More to come on this one!


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