Friday, August 26, 2011

Objectify Me. I'm an Artist, Slightly Askew.

Marilyn Monroe is an easily recognizable, iconic sex symbol.  Everyone loves Marilyn – or at least the idea of Marilyn. Apparently Chicago loved the image of Marilyn Monroe so much that they paid an East coast sculptor to build a 26’ tall replica of her to be displayed on Michigan Avenue.

The theory of sexual objectification and sex object culture makes apparent the blatant gender inequalities that exist in our society - a culture saturated by sexualized and one dimensional representations of women. Through advertising, societal norms and pop culture, women of all generations and all socioeconomic backgrounds have, in some way, become de-personalized objects of desire. 

Sex object culture, which urges women to feel the need to exploit their sexuality, plays a role in reinforcing sexism and the attitudes it promotes which underpin inequality. Some would argue that women chose to exploit their sexuality as an exercise in power and control. Others would argue that they choose to do so because they believe their worth lies solely in their sexuality.

My photographs were created with Marilyn's sexual potency and objectification (both through the media and self-induced) in mind. The decision to recreate the image of Marilyn as a disembodied, sexualized being was a conscience decision to portray Marilyn (and ultimately every woman’s) sexuality objectified through the eyes of an artist, slightly askew.

-Jennifer Moore, 2011

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