Sunday, August 7, 2011

Exquisite Corpse work continues!

I met two talented artists (a photographer and a poet/photographer) who are my partners in creative craziness for the next few weeks while working on Exquisite Corpse. Both are talented artists in their own right and I think our strengths, although not the same, will serve as a great partnership. We've had two wonderfully creative and quite liberating collaboration sessions already.

BUT....I have to say that this exquisite corpse business is not easy!

I'm a control freak when it comes to my work. I printed two copies of Pit Pit Bang Bang (pictured above) along with one copy of Dark Light Orchid (pictured below). I placed them in a clean, neat cardboard portfolio case...they stayed there - safe and warm - until I met with my fellow collaborators. Something came over me when it came time to hand over my prints....Letting them go gave me a nauseous feeling - like letting your six year old sleep over at a friend's house for the first time! Sure, they are just prints, but they are my prints, my thoughts, my late nights, mine. I took a deep breath and let them go. I let my babies go.


Good news though: I gave my images to a very talented photographer and I am waiting anxiously to see what she has done with them. Like all critiques, jurried shows, and interviews, I am  also nervous to see the results - nervous to see how she interpreted my work.

I did not leave empty-handed from the meeting. I carried away with me two prints from the poet/photographer. Pictured below are Carrie McGath's Feet and Mary. I have been working diligently all weekend to do Carrie's images justice. It is my hope that when I return her babies, she recognizes them for what they were, as well as what they have become.

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